Wednesday, July 3, 2013

7 juillet: The Moon (NYC) + St-Onge/Mouchous/Eizlini/Romary

"The music of THE MOON can surge like molten lava or flow like a quiet stream. It's a purist form of improvisation -- noise-attuned but rooted in jazz fundamentals, abstract but built on the unusually sturdy bond between guitarist Adam Caine and drummer Federico Ughi. These two play free, while operating like an old-school working band." Time Out New York's Hank Shteamer

THE MOON is an experimental duo from Brooklyn New York, featuring Adam Caine on electric guitar and Federico Ughi on drums.

THE MOON is proud to present their North American Tour 2013. The group will return for the third consecutive year on the road, touring Canada and the US. See Dates Below.

About the music: all the compositions they play are completely improvised. They have no pre-written lines, sections or forms, but they treat each of the songs as spontaneous compositions. Each piece is distinct from the others - THE MOON covers a lot of ground without sounding inauthentic. They cultivate a uniquely personal mixture of the improvisational fearlessness of jazz, the bombastic energy of rock, and the sonic exploration of 20th century classical and electronic music. These live performances have a strong large-scale formal structure from beginning to end. It's a complete listening experience, an improvised symphony. The idea has been to create music that is interesting at any given moment, but is constantly developing as if it has an structural life all its own.

Alexandre St-Onge (circuits analogiques, ordinateur) , Emilie Mouchous (instruments électroniques) , Will Eizlini (ordinateur, synthétiseur), Aude Romary (violoncelle)

portes à 20h30, musique à 21h
$8, BYOB
La Brique 6545 Ave Durocher #402

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