Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bamford/Diamantakiou/Pelchat/Serralheiro + EF'T (Epps, Freedman, Thomson) 5 mai

Paul Serralheiro (trompette), Alex Pelchat (guitare electrique), Stéphane Diamantakiou (contrebasse), Ivan Bamford (batterie)

Bamford/Diamantakiou/Pelchat/Serralheiro are musicians with varied interests and backgrounds who come together for the sheer thrill of the improvising experience. Leaping into the moment with panache and fearless abandon, the group values the serendipity of the spontaneous--a happening worth its weight in gold…if it had a weight and if it could be measured in gold.

Quatre musiciens en quête de musique doré et inoubliable, Bamford/Diamantakiou/Pelchat/ Serralheiro n’ont pas peur de plonger dans les creux les plus profonds, ou bien de vaguez au-delà de l’horizon. Leur voyage mythique sera aussi le votre.


EF’T: Ellwood Epps (trompette), Lori Freedman (clarinettes), Scott Thomson (trombone)

Epps, Freedman and Thomson are constantly busy improvising their ways through the musicverse. This will be a first-time meeting of the trio, who have performed together in the Ratchet Orchestra, Murray Street Band, and more. We can expect a direct energy, some crackling, some tension, some flames. The rest will depend on the weather, the people, and which dreams the musicians have the night before the show.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Visitors, elders, a fresh spark! April 28 at La Brique!

de Toronto, Halifax, Montreal:
Rainer Wiens - Guitar and Thumb Piano
John Heward - Percussion
Arthur Bull - Guitar and Chromatic Harmonica
Bob Vespaziani - WAVEDRUM and Electronics
Guillaume Dostaller - piano
Olivier Prudhomme-Richard - guitare
Philippe Roy - contrebasse
Mathieu Frenette - saxophone alto et sopranino

Wiens, Heward, Bull & Vespaziani is an electro-acoustic quartet uniting improvisors from Montreal, Halifax, and Toronto. These four players present some very original approaches to their instruments and a highly imaginative feel for improvisation.

Paralune est une réunion momentanée au su et vu de la lune, une rencontre rapprochée entre des objets sonores improvisés. Un mouvement à quatre songes décelable par les lueurs de la lumière qu'il réfléchi.

At the outskirts of the moon, a brief intimate meeting between objects of sonic nature. A quartet of dreams defining a movement detectable by the unique glittering of the light it reflects.


L'envers présente la musique improvisée chaque dimanche soir à:
La Brique 6545 Durocher #402
portes à 20h, musique à 21h30
BYOB/apportez votre propre alcool

Monday, April 15, 2013

Three is Free! 2 New Trios....

dimanche le 21 avril:Félix-Antoine Hamel (saxophone ténor), Stéphane Diamantakiou (contrebasse), Kai Basanta (batterie)
Nigel Taylor (trompette), Aaron Lumley (contrebasse), Jamie Thompson (batterie)
This night brings you two new trios representing some of the most active and energetic players on Montreal's free music scene.

Inline image 1

Félix-Antoine Hamel has been increasingly present of late, putting the brave sound of his tenor into acoustic and electric settings, seemingly unafraid of each new situation. Stephane Diamantakiou has also been heard very often lately, bringing a solid technique and empathetic ears to the music. Kai Basanta balances a mature sense of restraint with a joyful swing.

C'est un trio nouveau. Pour l'anniversaire de Mardi Spaghetti, j'ai invité un vieux ami—Jamie Thompson, batterie—et un nouveau ami—Nigel Taylor, trompette—à me rejoindre pour un set des improvisations. Ces rencontres musicales dépendent sur la chimie musicale et dans ce cas, les bons ingrédients étaient présent: Tout au long, la musique maintenait l'équilibre entre intensité et sensibilité; on engage une idée complètement mais aussi être ouvert aux changements soudains dans la direction; d'être conscient de la forme, même dans une tempête de bruit ... Donc, je pense que ce serait une bonne chose que nous faisons de la musique encore.” -- Aaron Lumley, double bass
“This is a new trio. For the recent Mardi Spaghetti Anniversary, I invited an old friend—Jamie Thompson, drums—and a new one—Nigel Taylor, trumpet—to join me for a set of free improvisations. These kinds of musical meetings hinge almost completely on musical chemistry and in this case, the right ingredients seemed to be there: Throughout the set, the music maintained balance between intensity and sensitivity; staying committed to an idea while remaining open to a sudden, inspired change in direction; an awareness of form even deep within a maelstrom of noise... So I think it would be a good thing for us to make music together again.” -- Aaron Lumley, double bass

Nigel Taylor is new to Montreal, and he has already upped the standard of creative trumpet playing. He quit a symphony job in his native Saskatchewan to pursue studies of improvised music at the New England Conservatory, and now we are lucky to have him in our midst. This trio had its premiere at the recent Mardi Spahgetti 5th anniversary Marathon, where they laid down a solid performance noted for its consistency of intensity and lack of dull moments.

L'envers presents improvised music every Sunday at:
La Brique 6545 Durocher #402
doors at 830, music at 9 sharp
BYOB/apportez votre propre alcool

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

T-SHIRTS available through mail order

Ok, folks are asking ''how can i get one of those tshirts?''. $20 will get you one, including shipping to anywhere in the solar system. sizes are small, medium and large in both women's and men's styles, and also an XL size in men's. email lenvers185@gmail.com to order.

The tshirts are designed by Seripop, who are a wonderful team of creative spirits. Can't thank them enough for their generous and badass work (seen above, and printed on a white tshirt)

Also, a proper L'envers website might soon become a reality. Better 5 years late than never!!!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

(Free?) Jazz! 14 avril...

Géraldine Eguiluz (voix)
Stéphane Diamantakiou (contrebasse)
Karoline Leblanc (piano)
Paulo J. Ferreira Lopes (batterie)
Ivan Bamford (batterie)
Ellwood Epps (trompette)

Géraldine Eguiluz et Stéphane Diamantakiou sont un duo de Montréal. Ils nous offrent  un concert  de voix et contrebasse tout en intimité et dénuement,  aussi fragile que puissant. Des pièces que vous reconnaitrez  _ou peut-être pas,_ sous forme de voyages colorés, fugues et  contrepoints signées Monk, Mingus, Bach, Ellington…

Vocalist Géraldine Eguiluz and bassist Stéphane Diamantakiou are a Jazz duo, based in Montréal. They will offer an intimate concert, as fragile as powerful in their freely and singular approach. Pieces that you might recognize (or not) as coloured travels, fugues and counterpoint signed by Monk, Mingus, Bach, Ellington, Pascoal and many more…

dimanche le 14 avril, 21h
La Brique, 6545 DuRocher #402