Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bamford/Diamantakiou/Pelchat/Serralheiro + EF'T (Epps, Freedman, Thomson) 5 mai

Paul Serralheiro (trompette), Alex Pelchat (guitare electrique), Stéphane Diamantakiou (contrebasse), Ivan Bamford (batterie)

Bamford/Diamantakiou/Pelchat/Serralheiro are musicians with varied interests and backgrounds who come together for the sheer thrill of the improvising experience. Leaping into the moment with panache and fearless abandon, the group values the serendipity of the spontaneous--a happening worth its weight in gold…if it had a weight and if it could be measured in gold.

Quatre musiciens en quête de musique doré et inoubliable, Bamford/Diamantakiou/Pelchat/ Serralheiro n’ont pas peur de plonger dans les creux les plus profonds, ou bien de vaguez au-delà de l’horizon. Leur voyage mythique sera aussi le votre.


EF’T: Ellwood Epps (trompette), Lori Freedman (clarinettes), Scott Thomson (trombone)

Epps, Freedman and Thomson are constantly busy improvising their ways through the musicverse. This will be a first-time meeting of the trio, who have performed together in the Ratchet Orchestra, Murray Street Band, and more. We can expect a direct energy, some crackling, some tension, some flames. The rest will depend on the weather, the people, and which dreams the musicians have the night before the show.


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