Wednesday, July 17, 2013

21 juillet: Blister (NYC) + Ensemble Studio d'Improvisation de Montréal

Ensemble Studio d'Improvisation de Montréal:
Belinda Campbell, piano
Isabel Serra, sax alto
François Corbeil, trompette
Raphael Foisy-Couture, contrebasse
Tarek Burgan, guitare
Vincent Bergeron, voix
Nick McGrath, guitare
Sylvaine Arnaud, contrebasse
Elliot Claveau, trompette
Vicky Mettler, guitare
Chris Aitkens, trompette
Ari Cohen, batterie
sous la direction de Ellwood Epps, trompette

This mightly 12-piece band has been working and playing hard during the summer session of the Studio d'Improvisation de Montréal, and they sound great! The group is diverse: participants range in age from 20's to 60's, with players who are recent additions to the improvised scene as well as those who are new to improvising in a group setting.
Come hear what we have been up to, and check out some new sounds on the scene!


David Grollman, snare drum, balloons, et plus
Lucio Menegon, guitare

North American tour for these fearless improvising road warriors. Both have made music for L'envers several times in the past (Prehistoric Horses, etc), always causing a scene and making sparks fly with the music and everything surrounding it. A pleasure to have them back!

''Your savings account zeroes risk we will enjoy it and you will feel it and it will be painful Lucio on banjo eking out eerie high strung sounds like a wine glass being rubbed Dave running the smallest cymbal over the snare drum head Lucio now with a violin bow rubbing the strings beyond the bridge now it’s melodic a carousel organ with children riding up and down on the horses and it may be a fox hunt with trumpet over the country gardens now Lucio with his spanking black electric guitar and the sounds are strafed and echo Lucio in his straw pork pie hat and beige suit and tie is dashing Dave gets mosquito squeals out of the snare Lucio sly with pick in his mouth Dave getting buzzing alarm sounds out of a bow against the rim now low tones drones hums very quiet as echoes rise

Lucio stands up and strums what goes up must come down what goes down must come up so buy low sell high rocking out on electric strings both of them mad it’s a jungle or a country pond with the flora and wildlife waving in the wind Lucio takes rock star stance scritching and scratching sounds getting wilder rings on the strings clown balloon sounds at the circus wild and fun times balloon gets big it is clear gray and the guitar hums like an engine very quiet slight clicks of lips on bubble.''


dimanche, 21 juillet
doors at 830, musique à 21h pile
$8, BYOB
La Brique 6545 Durocher #402

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