Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Epps-Caloia-Bamford+Thomson:::2 juin

Dimanche le 2 juin à La Brique:

Ellwood Epps trompette
Nicolas Caloia contrebasse
Ivan Bamford batterie
avec invité Scott Thomson trombone

21h trio + 22h15 quartet

In the tradition of Hot Jazz, Trance, and Improvisation, this trio makes its second appearance after a sweaty night at the Mardi Spaghetti series.

Ivan Bamford is one of the most intensely rhythmic improvisers in Montreal. He operates in many musical worlds (Gadji Gadjo, Gypsy Kumbia Orcehstra), always bringing a drive and sense of purpose to the music. He has been working a lot recently with Epps, developing a way of using rhythm as a deeply improvisational material.

Nicolas Caloia is a veteran of Montreal's improvised music scene, having played with a who's who of local and international players, including Jean Derome, Marshall Allen, John Butcher, and Tristan Honsinger. Nicolas' Juno-nominated Ratcher Orchestra will perform the music of Malcolm Goldstein June 12 as part of the Suoni per il Popolo Festival. Nicolas never sacrifices depth and integrity for anything superficially impressive.

Ellwood Epps has played across Canada and the US with Josh Zubot, William Parker, Steve Lacy, Mat Maneri and more. His playing includes a certain concern for sound, inspired by Rex Stewart, Lester Bowie, and Bill Dixon. He leads the Studio d'Improvisation, and ensemble-based workshop for teaching improvisation.

One could say that Scott Thomson's work is meticulous while his trombone playing is buoyant and jaunty. He has worked with the compositions of Steve Lacy, through thorough research and in performance with his group The Rent, giving continued life to the music. Scott works with the Ratchet Orchestra, and has recorded a CD of duets wtih Lori Freedman called 'Plumb'. Scott works in Montreal and Toronto and is the founder of the Somewhere There venue which has presented hundreds of nights of improvised music.

portes à 20h30, musique à 21h pile
80 bus to Parc/Beaubien

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