Friday, May 30, 2014

Yves Charuest! Peter Valsamis! Nicolas Caloia! June 25!

Yves Charuest, alto saxophone
Peter Valsamis, drums
Nicolas Caloia, bass

Montreal homeboy Peter Valsamis is visiting from California to make some fantastic music with friends Yves Charuest and Nicolas Caloia!

Yves Charuest has played with many canadian musicians since the early 1980s: Michel Ratté, Jean Beaudet, Lisle Ellis, Jean Derome, Nicolas Caloia, Lori Freedman, John Heward, Sam Shalabi, Scott Thomson, Josh Zubot. He also played with many international musicians: Peter Kowald, Louis Moholo, William Parker, Agustí Fernández, Marshall Allen and Mathias Schubert. He toured in Canada, USA and Europe with several groups and long-term collaborations: I Like Jazz, Évidence, Charuest/Ratté, Peter Kowald Trio, Trio Michel Ratté, Wreck’s Progress, Duo Charuest-Caloia, Murray Street Band, Ratchet Orchestra, The Disguises, Charuest/Shalabi/Caloia, and Four-sided circle. Charuest performed solo concerts in Quebec and Europe, and collaborated with canadian electroacoustic composers Jean-François Denis, jef chippewa and Jean Piché. He is part of Susanna Hood’s choreographic project The Muted Note.

Since the early 1990s Nicolas Caloia has worked as a performer, composer, and organizer in Montreal and has toured in North America, Europe, and Asia. He has performed and recorded in a vast array of contexts with the most important members of Montreal’s creative music community as well as with internationally renowned musicians like Marshall Allen, John Butcher, Joe McPhee, Steve Lacy, Hassan Hakmoun, Tristan Honsinger and Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. His concerts and recordings have been critically acclaimed both at home and abroad. Currently, the majority of his work as a composer and improviser finds a voice in: The Ratchet Orchestra – a 30 piece bigband, Tilting – the Nicolas Caloia Quartet, Ring – a sextet, Spell – a 10 piece marching band, Mercury - a duet Lori Freedman, and Duo Charuest-Caloia.

Born in Montreal, Peter Valsamis began playing the piano at the age of six, but his sensitivity to sound unrestricted by pitch relations drew him to play the drums and manipulate sound on tape. Now based in the Bay area, Valsamis continues to nurture a wide range of interests. As a drummer, he has presented his music to concert audiences in Europe, Asia and North America, performing with Malcolm Goldstein, Steve Lacy and Don Preston. He has been Artist-in-Residence at the Banff Center for the Arts and has recent CD releases with Dana Reason, Tom Nunn and Trance Mission. Valsamis' electroacoustic compositions include a soundtrack for the award winning experimental film re:Cycle by Ken Doolittle.

Wednesday June 25, 9pm
Résonance Café, 5175a ave du Parc

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