Monday, January 21, 2013

Les dimanches a L'envers

Starting in February L'envers is pleased to present performances every Sunday night at La Brique. The shows will start a little earlier than usual, at 9pm. You're welcome to bring something to drink. A friendly reminder that smoking will be permitted only after the show.

We kick things off on the 3rd of February with John Heward and the Murray Street Band. The MSB has a long tradition of playing La Brique, dating back to about 5 or 6 years ago when they recorded the live double CD ''L'une et l'autre''. The band itself is always evolving, ranging from about 8 to 15 players, centered around the completely original drum sound and Griffintown loft of John Heward. It's a band in which the rowdy and the spiritual meet in a very friendly way. Stay tuned for complete lineup of the band.

February 3rd
John Heward and the
John Heward (drums)
Guillaume Dostaler (piano)
Michel Bonneau (percussion)
Peter Burton (bass)
Jonah Fortune (bass)
Chris Burns (guitar)
Nicolas Caloia (synth)
Yves Charuest (alto sax)
Jean Derome (saxophones, flute)
Lori Freedman (clarinets)
Jason Sharp (baritone sax)
Eric Lewis (trumpet)
Ellwood Epps (trumpet)
Josh Zubot (violin)

doors at 830, music at 9   $8
6545 ave Durocher #402

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